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Pub and Club 2018

Last weekend was the Pub and Club 2018 Regatta, it was a fantastic day of warm weather and exciting races.
There were all sort of abilities from the rookies of Pub and Club to the avid annual returners. We had a variety of costumes too from land girls to Captain America! There were some very close races and a re row for some interesting steering and also some races that were won by some distance.

What’s next for those wanting to continue rowing? they will join the novice squad and have 16 sessions of intense training and move into the fine racing boats; hopefully to them compete at their first regatta towards the end of the season.

For those that don’t know Pub and Club is a fun event for crews of four people men, women or mixed who have 5 hours coaching and then compete against each other over a 400m sprint on regatta day. The crews are guaranteed 2 races as the first round losers are entered into the ‘Best of the Rest’ competition to win an engraved medal. The winners of the main event, in the men’s women’s or mixed categories receive an engraved tankard each and a years full racing membership to the rowing club worth over £300!

The men’s winners were – Usain Boat, coxed by Kat Carlyle
The women’s winners were – Comberton Crew, coxed by Ian Goodwin
The mixed winners were – Captain America, coxed by Nikki Hodnett
The Best of the Rest winners were – The Light Fantastics, coxed by Chris Brown

Bewdley do the double!

Shrewsbury Regatta saw Bewdley advance their winning streak, with wins from Penny Gunn and Maddy Whiting in the Women’s IM3 Double Scull, Jake Main in the J16 single scull and the crew of Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell and Helen Hugo coxed by Kat Carlyle doubling up to take a double victory in the Women’s Masters C/D coxed fours and Women’s IM 2 coxed fours; all over the long course of 1000m. The later crew continuing on their World Masters gold medal success at the end of last season.

The highlight of the weekend has to go to the Novice section of the club. The Saturday long course showed triumph for both the Men’s and Women’s Novice coxed fours, 9 years on from the last double novice coxed four celebration. One member from then Kat Carlyle was back to win her novices this time in sculling with partner and fellow cox Alex Bushnell, who too won their novice pots in the Women’s Novice Double but over the shorter sprint course of 600m on the Sunday.

The Novice Men’s coxed four of the Berrow Brother’s Will and Tim, Will Proctor and Liam Thomas coxed by Alex Bushnell had a bye to the final but had to fight all the way to the last stroke to earn their novice pots; winning by a small margin of 4ft. They then raced at the next status up of IM3 on the Sunday but this time with crew change of Paul Raymant in for Tim Berrow, they held their own to win the first race by half a length. They then got knocked out in the final by half a length. Which to go and compete at the next level up just a day after winning their novices and get through to the final is some achievement.

The Novice Women’s coxed four of Becky Birch, Susan Carr, Briony Cartwright and Nikki Hodnett coxed by Lucy Gibbs progressed through three rounds; with a final win against University of Chester to earn them their first pot. The majority of both novice crews only starting after last years Pub and Club regatta or Learn to Row course.

On to the next regatta Worcester 20th May.

New season, same old winning ways for Bewdley

Evesham Regatta saw the start to the 2017/2018 season and another winning one for Bewdley Rowing Club. Both enteries for the regatta came away with wins the Masters E coxless quad of Doug Jackson, Peter Simpson, Tony Clay and Richard Gunn who were given the Most Improved Award at the Dinner Dance certainly showed they are carrying on where left off on their success at the end of last season.

The new mixed masters partnership of Mel Gunn and Paul Warnett proved to be a winning one as they too came away with a pot. So 100% success for Bewdley!

Dinner Dance 2016

Saturday night was the annual Dinner Dance and award ceremony for Bewdley Rowing Club this year held at Tree Tops Pavillion. The turnout wasn’t quite as many as we had hoped for but none the less it was an enjoyable evening, we were joined by Mayor of Bewdley Councillor John Beeson and his Deputy. The night went well with a raffle and a game of heads and tails followed by the speeches, awards giving out and some great moves on the dance floor, one member even thought The Queen was attending!

From the evening…

Thank you Mayor Beeson for attending tonight and thanks Rich for your kind words and good luck for the years ahead.

Before I move on to the awards I just wanted to say a few words to congratulate to everyone. Not just those who won high profile or local events, but those who competed at the next level or raced for the first time this season or even those that completed learn to row and carried on with a new sport. Not everyone’s goals are the same but most can be achieved.

Bewdley Rowing Club is a club for all types of members not just racing ones, all be it we encourage racing we do try to accommodate everyone.

I wish everyone the very best for next season and hope as a whole we grow on our success of this year and achieve goals both individually and for the club. With Rich at the helm and with the support of the membership I’m sure this is possible.

Moving on to the awards…

  • Neil Brett Memorial Trophy – for the non-rowing achievement
    • This person continually year on year puts in a huge amount of effort when it comes to the regatta, making sure their part runs smoothly. Without this person and their team the sponsor’s enclosure wouldn’t run like clockwork and wouldn’t get people coming back year after year saying how hospitable Bewdley Rowing Club is.

This award goes to Yvonne Ogilvie-Hardy.

  • Junior Development Squad Outstanding Achievement Trophy – for under 16’s
    • This individual always gives 100% in everything they do whether its training or racing. This person won races last season as part of a crew and on their own and also made the step up to race at senior level to win their novices in their single.

This award goes to Ben Charlton.

  • Bewdley Carnival Youth Achievement Trophy – for the outstanding junior
    • This award goes to a crew rather than an individual, this crew of boys have continually won in their 4 this season in whatever combination they have sat in, whether it be racing at junior level or senior level.

This award goes to the Joe Smith, James Myatt, Brendan Wrighton, Ed Frost and cox Sophie Osborne

  • The Mayor of Bewdley Pot – for the most improved rower 
    • This award again goes to a crew rather than an individual, this crew have improved a lot this year by putting in a huge amount of time on the water. They have continued to represent the club at every event and are a true inspiration to never giving up. It’s taken a few disqualifications along the way but they persevered and won their sculling novices at Stourport regatta.

This award goes to the Masters E 4x- of Richard Gunn, Tony Clay, Peter Simpson and Doug Jackson

  • Bill Ince Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding rower
    • This award also goes to a crew rather than an individual; this crew had good results throughout the season and continued their winning ways of the previous one, by being unbeaten again locally but more impressively going to the World Masters Championships for the first time and winning. Something that hasn’t been achieved by a Bewdley crew for many years.

This award goes to the Womens  Masters C 4+ of Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell, Helen Hugo coxed by Kat Carlyle

  • Ken Sollom Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding coach
    • This award was tough to choose as there are a couple of individuals at the club who both give up a lot of their time for the benefit of other people, both individuals considered for this award have had some great results in the last 12 months some at local level and some at world level and although you cannot compare these two levels both these coaches are a huge asset to the club and for this reason I cannot split who I give the award to, so this year the award goes to two people Mick Edmonds and Jo Atkinson.
  • Stephen Kent Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding cox
    • This award for the most number of wins goes to an individual who has consistently given up their time for their crew and also steered their crew to World Championship Gold.

This award goes to Kat Carlyle

To finish off, I just want to say thank you to you all for your support over the last 2 years and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather pass the Captains armband on to, Rich you will have my full support as I’m sure you will have from the whole membership too.

Have a good rest of the evening.

Captain Kat 2014-2016

Captain’s Report 2016

After making the step up to Captain 2 years ago I wondered if it was the right decision to make, especially as you hear people refer to it as the poison challis, but I can honestly say it has been an honour to be Captain over the last 2 years; there has been some trying times as with any role but on the whole members have supported me and my decisions and together we have become more integrated and friendly towards one another. Every member is important to the club and every member should feel that they are.

The club has become more welcoming and helpful to all members and especially new members. So much so when running the I Am Team GB taster day after the Olympics we had a group of people all new to rowing come down to try a new sport, we had a few say they have never met such an enthusiastic and friendly bunch of people. This is a great introduction to rowing but mainly to Bewdley Rowing Club.

We have seen activity all year from all members’ areas, from West Midlands Explore League and racing at primary regattas for those new to rowing through to World level with the masters section of the club and of course all the local regattas and heads as well.

The winter season was a bit of a wash out so not many crews attended heads, or there weren’t many heads to attend. That said we sent 2 pairs to the pairs head, 1 crew to the Vet Fours head, 1 crew to the Women’s head and 1 crew to the Head of the River.

For the regatta season, as a club we attended all the normal local regattas with the highlight winning the Victor Ludorum trophy for the club with the most wins over the weekend at Stourport Regatta – which was 16. We had 18 wins again at our own regatta which again was a very successful one. This year we allowed people to double up on their races to make up events for travelling crews; this was a tough decision to make given all the jobs that have to be done in order to run a successful regatta, but even in allowing this all the jobs were done and the event ran smoothly.

We held a primary event for the first time to allow our newcomers the chance of racing at a mainstream regatta. Some of these have since gone on to race at other regattas this season.

And Bewdley won the sprint 8’s men’s trophy, but I’m sure Pete will fill you in with the rest in his report.

On to the wins for the last 12 months:

  • We as a club have had 64 wins in total – the same as last year
  • Juniors -6
    • All boys –
  • Seniors – 25
    • 15 men, 5 women and 5 mixed.

The senior wins are up on last year, some of these are juniors now making the step up to race at senior level.

The vets wins for the second year in a row are level for both men and women!

  • Vets – 33
    • 14 men, 14 women, and 5 mixed.

The performances that have stood out this season are the junior boys who raced at senior level and won and who also represented the club at the Head of the River and the West Midlands Juniors Championships where they won.

But I think the most notable performance of the season comes from the again vets section of the club, by way of the womens masters C4+. They went to the World Masters Championships for the first time and came away World Champions! Beating a field of 7 others from across the world they won by 6 tenths of a second. Bewdley haven’t won a medal at the World Masters Championships for many years so this was a fantastic achievement for the crew and the club. They didn’t stop there though; they then teamed up with Marlow to make a composite C 8 and won that too! Even though it was the first time they had been in a boat together.

Congratulations to everyone who won this year and let’s hope next year under new leadership brings even more success.

The wins this season would not be possible without coaching and thanks must go out to all coaches for their efforts over the last 12 months. The coaches who are members of the club do not get paid and give up a lot of time throughout the whole year for the benefit of the membership and help to make the club grow on success. We are lucky to have the coaches we have but as with any other club could always do with more; even if it’s members just willing to give up their time to help out our existing coaches.

Learn to Row
Rachel James has run 4 successful courses this year with various members helping on each course. We have gained a number of new full members who have gone into the novice squads, these squads continue to grow from Learn to Row and Pub and Club and they along with the juniors are the future of our club.

Pub and Club
Everyone who took part enjoyed it and we gained a few new members. The live commentary proved popular again and thanks go out to all those that made it successful. I would especially like to thank Mike, Dave and Tony who as always give up a lot of their time to make sure the event runs smoothly. Following on from Pub and Club and attracting new members we entered a float into the 50th Anniversary Bewdley Carnival and we won the award for the best Sports Club.

Boat repairs
Everyone wants top boats to row in but as a club we don’t have thousands to spend year on year on equipment alone. We spend too much money each year on repairs, accidents happen but carelessness can be prevented. The senior members of the club need to set an example to the new members showing them how to look after boats and help if necessary. Our boats are old and tired but they would cost a lot of money to replace so we need to take care of the ones we have.

I’d like to thank the committees and their members for the hard work they have put in in making the club grow in the right direction and do what’s best for the members.

To finish off, I’d like to thank Mike my Vice-Captain for supporting me and helping make decisions over the last 2 years.

Most importantly I’d like to thank you the membership, as the general help from all members of the club whether it be on work weekends or helping each other out at regattas this year has been superb and has brought the club closer together. Without the membership the club would not exist, so thank you all for your support over the last 2 year and hopefully you will support the new Captain in the same way you have supported me.

Captain Kat

Double Gold for Bewdley at World Rowing Masters Championships

The Women’s Masters C (average age 43) coxed 4 crew of Helen Hugo (far left), Jane Chiswell (far right), Jean Main (2nd left), Kim Martyn Smith (2nd right) and cox Kat Carlyle (middle) became World Champions at the World Rowing Masters Championships Regatta in Copenhagen on Friday 9th September, competing at this level for the first time. On the multi-lane, 8 lane lake Bagsvaerd they beat 7 other crews from Norway, Ireland, Germany, 2x USA, and 2 other GB crews from neighbours Stourport and Thames crew Son’s of the Thames Rowing Club. The crew had a strong fast start in what were near perfect conditions and were out in front very early on, they had to fight of a strong push from the Norwegian crew in the lane next to them just before halfway but they kept their composure and settled into their rhythm rowing long and strong and put in a push themselves to go clear of the rest of the pack. Coming into the last 200m of the 1000m sprint Son’s started to real in Bewdley and we gaining every stroke, but some good calls from the cox and response from the crew saw them over the finish line in first place. It went to a photo finish but the verdict was given as a canvas just under 7 tenths of a second.

Captain and cox Kat Carlyle “It was a close and exciting race to be part of, no one was going to take that medal off us, we absolutely nailed it from start to finish, whatever I asked the crew to do they did. As a crew member I am immensely proud of what we have achieved and as Club Captain it is an incredible achievement for Bewdley Rowing Club, it has been a very long time since we had a World Masters win.”

This women’s crew is full of accomplishments for Bewdley Rowing Club, in 2014 they won the Veteran’s 4s Head of the River Race on the Thames; a first for a Bewdley women’s crew. They then went on to win at Henley Masters Regatta in 2015 something that hasn’t been done for well over a decade in the club and now they have become World Champions winning at the World Rowing Masters Championships Regatta.

After winning in the 4 on Friday they then teamed up with Marlow to make a Women’s Masters C 8 and race in a scratch 8 on the Saturday, the race was the first time the crew had been in a boat together. They had some strong competition against Lea who finished 2nd just 3 seconds behind the composite crew of Bewdley and Marlow, making both crews Double World Masters Champions.

Bewdley send over a large contingent of rowers, 31 in total with many spectators going too, we had entries in both sculling and sweep oar event and in boat sizes, from singles through to 8s.

The regatta itself:
3000m competitors from 47 different countries
1km regatta
8 Multi lane course – Lake Bagsvaerd
Masters rowing age categories from A (average age 27) to K (average age 85)

More pictures can be found in the gallery below:

Business as usual at Ross and Upton

The last regatta of the season took place over bank holiday weekend, where Bewdley took a large contingent of rowers to compete. Some were competing for the first time and others carrying on business as usual from the rest of the season.

For the novice women’s 8 they enjoyed their first win in their semi final heat of the W IM3 8’s, making a step up as there was no competition at novice level. Hopefully these ladies will go on to have a strong winters training and come out raring to win their Novices next season. For others it was there last race before heading off to the World Masters Rowing Championships in Copenhagen.

The results are listed below:

Ross Masters and Juniors Regatta

MasG 2x Paul Warnett and Ed Mol
W MasC 2x Louise Camm and Serena Gammond

Ross Regatta

W MasC 4+ Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell, Helen Hugo and Cox Kat Carlyle
W IM2 4+ Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell, Helen Hugo and Cox Kat Carlyle
W IM2 2- Maddy Whiting and Penny Gunn
Sen 1x Rich Jackson
Sen 2- Matt Hocking and Aston Carter
W MasC 4x- Louise Camm, Sally Levell, Zoe Benson and Serena Gammond

Bewdley sent just one crew this year to Upton, they were a crew made up of this years Learn to Row graduates or Pub and Club competitors. It was a mixed crew who had only been out for one practice before taking home the win.

Upton Beginners Regatta

Mx Pri 4+ Will Berrow, Tim Berrow, Susan Carr, Claire Roberts and Cox Paul Raymant

Victor Ludorum at Stourport

Bewdley Rowing Club won the Victor Ludorum trophy at local rivals regatta on the weekend. The club went away with 16 wins over the weekend most of which coming from the Masters section of the club, most notably the Novice win for the Masters E coxless quad of Richard Gunn, Tony Clay, Peter Simpson and Doug Jackson. They were the last race of the regatta against the hosts Stourport but Bewdley came away with the victory. Much deserved after all the hours of training and miles of rowing they have done.
Bewdley’s Womens Masters C coxed four of Helen Hugo, Jane Chiswell, Jean Main, Kim Martyn Smith and Cox Kat Carlyle are keeping preparations for the World Masters Regatta going by continuing to win. Returning to winning ways was the Womens Masters E coxed four of Gerry Glenister, Elaine Collier, Yvonne Ogilvie-Hardy, Lin Beech and Cox Mel Gunn
The weekends weather was a warm and dry one once the drizzle of Saturday morning had disappeared. Other notable wins from the weekend were; Saturday a mixed IM3 8 of Sophie Osborne, Holly Clifford, Adie Rogers, Kiah Bradley, Ben Charlton, Jimmy Watson, Sam Clifford, Matt Hocking and Cox Kat Carlyle were rowing for the first time as this crew managed to overhaul an experienced crew that had traveled up from Quintin London. They raced at the higher status of IM 1 to take on this Quintin crew made up of Henley Royal Regatta rowers, Bewdley dug deep and kept pushing all the way to the line in a close fought race to win by a canvas. Cox and Captain Kat Carlyle said ‘the atmosphere was electric, the crowds were spurring us on and somehow little Bewdley showed the big guns of Quintin who the Kings of the Severn were!’.
On Sunday we had another novice win for junior Charlie Cartwright in his single scull, winning three races along the way.
Full results:
Mx IM1 8 Sophie Osborne, Holly Clifford, Adie Rogers, Kiah Bradley, Ben Charlton, Jimmy Watson, Sam Clifford, Matt Hocking and Cox Kat Carlyle
WMas C 4+ Helen Hugo, Jane Chiswell, Jean Main, Kim Martyn Smith and Cox Kat Carlyle
WMas E 4+ Gerry Glenister, Elaine Collier, Yvonne Ogilvie-Hardy, Lin Beech and Cox Mel Gunn
Mas D 2- John Hinton, Mike Parker
Mas F 2x Ed Mol, Paul Warnett
J15 1x Jake Main
Mx Mas F 2x Mel Gunn, Terry Gibbons
Mx IM2 4+ Maddy Whiting, Penny Gunn, Callum Clifford, Jimmy Watson and Cox Sam Clifford
Mx Mas D/E 4+ Helen Hugo, Kim Martyn Smith, John Hinton, Mike Parker and Cox Kat Carlyle
Mas E 4x- Doug Jackson, Peter Simpson, Tony Clay, Richard Gunn
Sen 2- Aston Carter, Matt Hocking
Mx IM1 2x Laura Ray, Richard Ray
W Mas C 2x Serena Gammond, Louise Camm
Mas G 2x Ed Mol, Paul Warnett
J15 2x Jake Main, Tom Koumi
Nov 1x Charlie Cartwright

I Am Team GB

Bewdley Rowing Club is organising free Rowing Taster Sessions as part of the nation’s biggest sports day, I Am Team GB

It will be hosted on Saturday 27 August to get more people active in the local community and celebrate Team GB’s achievements at the Rio 2016 Games.

The event is part of I Am Team GB – a nationwide campaign that has inspired thousands of UK clubs to open their doors to new participants. This campaign is brought to you by ITV and The National Lottery, working with the British Olympic Association, UK Sport and supported by Join In, to inspire the Great British public to take part in sport.

What’s more, many of the nation’s Olympians, fresh from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, will be attending events across the nation to give people the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with Team GB.

Bewdley Rowing Club is proud to fly the I Am Team GB flag in the Worcestershire area. If you have been inspired by the Olympics to try rowing, we are holding a FREE taster afternoon on Saturday 27th August as part of the I am Team GB initiative.

It will be running from approx 2pm-5pm for your chance to come down have a go and see if it really is as easy as Team GB make it look!

The session will be about 20min long, if you are interested in coming down, please get in touch and let us know how many will be coming and at what time. So we have an idea of numbers.

Rowing is a great way of keeping fit and is an all-round body work out; it isn’t an impact sport so people of all ages can take part.. If you are under 18 and want to have a go please get in touch as there will be something separate for juniors.

“We are so pleased to put on this event and give people the chance to have a go at rowing and be part of I Am Team GB,” said Kat Carlyle Captain Bewdley Rowing Club “Sport brings communities closer together and we are immensely proud at Bewdley Rowing Club to be part of this nationwide celebration of sport.”

Events details:

Time:  2pm – 5pm

Location: Bewdley Rowing Club, Riverside North, Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 1AB

For further information visit

Jam packed weekend for Bewdley

The weekend just gone saw a great deal happen for Bewdley Rowing Club.

Saturday 11th June
There was Bridgnorth Regatta, British Rowing Masters Championships, another Learn to Row course and the town carnival!

Sunday 12th June
Saw the second day of the Learn to Row course and also the final day of the British Rowing Masters Championships and Holme Pierrepont Nottingham.

Bewdley’s juniors were racing at Bridgnorth along with the novice men’s 4. Most of the juniors won their first race of the round robin format regatta, for some it was their first regatta so they did extremely well. We came away however with only one victory, the IM2 4+ junior crew of Ed Frost, James Myatt, Brendan Wrighton and Joe Smith coxed be Sophie Osborne. The lads overcome some strong opposition along the way.
We had a very close race for the novice men racing in the primary event for beginners they beat Pengwern in the first race but were pipped to the line in the second; they lost out by 0.2 of a second!

Learn to Row
We ran the 2nd of four Learn to Row course planned for this year on the weekend. Following on from an intake of new members after Pub and Club the attendees from this learn to row course will join forces with them to hopefully create a men’s and women’s novice eight to race at Bewdley Regatta the end of July. The other two courses are set for 6th and 7th August an Olympic special and the 3rd and 4th September. If you would like to book a place on either of these courses please contact the Captain Kat Carlyle

This year’s town carnival was the 50th anniversary which coincided nicely with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. The rowing club entered a float into the carnival for which we won 1st Prize for the Sports Club Category. Not only did we have a float, we also had a stall on the carnival field for people to find out more about Bewdley Rowing Club and what we have to offer as well as having a go at our ergo race competition; who can row 100m the fastest. Many thanks to Hickmans of Kidderminster for their support and lending us a truck and a driver for the day, Dave the driver has big plans for next year’s float! To end the day of celebrations the Town Council put on its annual firework display which was as impressive as always.

British Rowing National Masters Championships
Bewdley took a full trailer load to Nottingham’s famous man-made lake for the two day event purely for masters. We had quite a good day Saturday with most of the crews getting through to the finals, this continued through to Sunday where we bought home a medal. The women’s master c coxed four crew of Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell, Helen Hugo cox Kat Carlyle won their heat to come up against a tough field in the final. All six finalist had times for their heats spread across just 3 seconds, so the final was going to be a close fought race. Sandwiched between the winners and runners up of the other heat Marlow and Nottingham Composite, Bewdley fought hard but couldn’t quite overcome either of them and came away with a bronze medal in a time of 3.53 seconds. The winning time was 3.49 Marlow and second place 3.52 Nottingham Composite.