Bewdley Rowing Club has master, senior, novice and junior squads for both men and women, training usually takes place all year round split into two sections a summer and a winter season.

The summer season is usually co-ordinated with the beginning and end of the regatta season, training is mainly done on the water to make the most of the light nights and good weather with a little ergo/gym and circuit work. The club generally goes to three or four regattas per month; these tend to be local, although crews aspiring to go to national and international events may travel further afield.

The winter season is almost an opposite of the summer season. Due to the daylight restrictions, rowing is mostly done at the weekend. Weekdays are then used to increase fitness. This is done by ergo/gym and circuit work, any cross training, swimming, running or cycling is also a benefit. Winter season racing is time trial heads; again the club stays local attending one or two heads per month, with the pinnacle being the Head of the River races on the Thames.

Competitive Rowing

We have a thriving competitive section of the club being master, senior, novice or junior; both men and women all compete at regattas in the summer and heads in the winter. Competitive rowers normally train four to five times a week all year round.

We have had many successes as a club over the years with members representing the country at junior and senior level also winning at Henley, with the most recent of them starting at our very own Pub and Club regatta!
There are major racing focus points that we aim to send crews to these are for ambitious, highly technical members from each section of the club to aspire to these are;

Regattas – Junior Inter Regional Regatta, National Schools, National Junior Championships
Head – Schools Head, Fours Head of the River

Seniors Men and Women:-
Regattas – National Championships, Henley Royal Regatta, Women’s Henley
Heads – Scullers Head, Pairs Head, Fours Head of the River, Head of the River, Women’s Head of the River

Masters Men and Women:-
Regattas – National Masters Championships, Henley Masters, World Masters Championships
Heads – Veterans Fours Head, Veterans Head of the River

Recreational Rowing

We have a flourishing recreational squad for men and women over the age of 16; they generally train twice a week on the water, they are self-sufficient and have a coach who rows with them. The squads themselves consist of rowers who either have many years of experience but do not want to compete and just enjoy having a row a couple of times a week, or rowers who have completed a learn to row course, moved into the novice section of the club; gaining a years’ experience and then wishing not to go on to compete but continue to row.

Learn to Row

Bewdley Rowing Club offers a number of learn to row courses throughout the year, running in spring, summer and autumn. These are weekend courses, consisting of one three-hour session on the Saturday afternoon and another three-hour session on the Sunday afternoon where you learn the British Rowing basics of how to row. These courses are open to anyone over 16 years old, coaching is provided by British Rowing level 2 certified coaches.

The courses this year are running on:

6th April and 7th April

22nd June and 23rd June

31st August and 1st September

As well as the Learn to Row Courses we are also running an additional Taster Day for you to come and have ago in a boat and see what rowing is about before you sign up to one of the courses.

The Taster Day day is:

9th June

We have new stable boats for you to learn in, these boats are designed so even the nervous ones will feel safe and comfortable.
As part of the course requirements you take part in a swim test and also a capsize drill in a local swimming pool, this is to make sure you are competent in water and also teaches you how to cope safely in a capsize situation.
The course is designed for complete beginners so no experience is required, it is specifically to learn how to row but also to have fun whilst doing so. Trying a sport for the first time can be daunting so we try to make it an enjoyable learning experience.

After Learn 2 Row you can then progress into the Improvers squads where you will receive on-going training.

We also run junior learn to row courses for children aged 13 to 16 years old. This is done in the same format and using the same boats as the adult learn to row course. The difference being, juniors only learn sculling whereas adults can learn both sculling and sweep oar rowing.

Contact the Captain for more information.

Explore Rowing

We have recently signed up to the Explore Rowing scheme where we have been provided with the stable boats that the learn to row and beginners use. There are quite a few clubs in the country that offer the same scheme, so if you do not want to compete and go to races on a regular basis there is an opportunity for you to go and explore the country with the various events that are offered.

Daytime Rowing

There are a couple of opportunities a year to have a go at rowing in the daytime, we are currently trialling this scheme for people wanting to learn to row or returning to rowing and have time in the day. This is only run one day a week and done in blocks of six sessions. We are hoping this will become a permanent and more regular occurrence within the club.


A coxswain or cox, is someone who steers the boat and also instructs the crew what to do. They can be a vital part to winning or losing a race. A cox is generally small and light compared to rowers, if you think you are small, light and bossy, over 13 years old, male or female and would like to try coxing then get in touch.

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