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Bewdley RC Favourite Crews

Use this form to create a favourite crew which you can then use when you're submitting an entry for a competition.

You must add at least a bow and stroke as this cannot be use to set up a single (there would be no time saving benefit when completing the entry form).

If you enter a cox, then it will know the crew is a coxed crew, rather than coxless

If it is a Masters crew, and you provide the year of birth for each crew member, it will calculate each member's rowing age and Masters status of the crew automatically. This will then automatically update each year and to work properly will require everyone's year of birth.

GDPR NOTICE - Please note this crew will be publicly accessible as a dropdown on the Event Entry form, and if selected it will populate all the crew's names automatically into that form.

If you are happy with this, then by adding a favourite crew you will be giving Bewdley RC permission to use your crew's names as explained.


Favourite Crews
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I have read the GDPR information at the top of this form, and understand what information is being made available. I have ensured that every member of the crew has also been made aware of this. *
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