Marvelous Monmouth
June 8, 2016
Jam packed weekend for Bewdley
June 13, 2016
Last weekend was the Pub and Club 2016 Regatta, it was a fantastic day of warm weather and exciting races.

The day kicked off early with the first race going off at 9.50am. We had a record number of mixed crew entries this year over taking the men’s and women’s by some margin. There were all sort of abilities from the rookies of Pub and Club to the avid annual returners. We had a variety of costumes too from spiders to Ariel the mermaid! There were some very close races with a dead head and also some races that were won by some distance.

Oarstralia the winners of the Men’s event are a crew from Stourport Rugby Club and after 7 years of fantastic costumes and a lot of trying they finally won!

What’s next for those wanting to continue rowing? well this year we are trying something new, our main regatta is at the end of July so this year all those that join after taking part in Pub and Club will be coached for a further 6 weeks to then race at Bewdley Regatta in the novice event in fine racing boats, a big step up from the stable boats used for Pub and Club. Come and see how our new members get on 23rd and 24th July when the regatta takes place.

For those that don’t know Pub and Club is a fun event for crews of four people men, women or mixed who have 5 hours coaching and then compete against each other over a 400m sprint on regatta day. The crews are guaranteed 2 races as the first round losers are entered into the ‘Best of the Rest’ competition to win an engraved medal. The winners of the main event, in the men’s women’s or mixed categories receive an engraved tankard each and a years full racing membership to the rowing club worth over £300!

The men’s winners were – Oarstralia, coxed by Derek Chapman
The women’s winners were – Cool Runnings, coxed by Adie Rogers
The mixed winners were – Revive A Drive, coxed by Captain Kat
The Best of the Rest winners were – Boaty McBoatface, coxed by Laura Ray