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Regatta Overview

With races every couple of minutes between 8am and 6pm, we frequently have around three hundred crews each day. A crew could be a single sculler, double scullers, pairs, fours, quads or eights, from first time rowers through to elite experienced oarsmen and women. The competitor’s ages start at 12 or 13, and finish somewhere in the 60s or 70s. This is true of most regattas, but something makes Bewdley one of the biggest and best inland river regattas in the country. The competition is stiff, no matter what the event.

Whether you’re interested in rowing, or just fancy a good day out, Bewdley is the place to be on the last weekend of July. You can come to the Rowing Club and check out the view from the bar, or position yourself along riverside to get another great view of the racing. This two-day weekend regatta at the end of July is Bewdley Rowing Club’s main annual event. It attracts entries from clubs up and down the country, and occasionally from abroad. Racing takes place downstream on the River Severn, for around 800m on Saturday and 600m on Sunday, finishing at the Rowing Club.


Saturday Regatta 800m
Sunday Sprint 600m
Price per seat £10
Sprint Eights £250 prize

Regatta Sponsorship

If you are visiting for the day, or rowing one day and staying the next, then why not look at becoming a sponsor and watching the racing from the comfort of our new President’s Enclosure now located on the roof of the clubhouse, with carpeted marquees, astroturfed outdoor seating, and plenty of room for everyone.
If this wasn’t enough to tempt you, perhaps the offer of complimentary drinks all day and a lavish buffet lunch served by Yvonne and her team may do it.


Bewdley Regatta 27th & 28th July 2019

We accept entries for all sweep oar and sculling events senior, junior and master for men and women.

We are running the successful Sprint Eights again this year, which is open to any eight (not suitable for juniors or novices) to race over 200m for the chance to win cash for your club. This event does not count towards doubling up, it is run separate at lunchtime on the Saturday of the regatta and this year we are running two separate events; one for women and one for men. See further down the page for more information.
Friday night the bar is open, Saturday night we have disco for all those coming to stop over. We have free camping close to the club, or for a family (more quieter) option there is a campsite about 2 miles away from the club.

Documents for Download

We have the following documents for download that should help you organise your weekend

Banding information for substitutions


W2x Band 1 - CRI Over 90 Band 2 - CRI Below 89
OP2x Band 1 - CRI Over 90 Band 2 - CRI Below 10
OP1x Band 1 - CRI Over 10 Band 2 - CRI Below 10
OP8+ Band 1 - CRI Over 1500 Band 2 - CRI Below 600


OP1x Band 1 - CRI Over 60 Band 2 - CRI Below 15

Junior Entries

Please note that as part of our Regatta Welfare Plan, all Junior Crew entries must be submitted with a current and accurate mobile phone number for their coach.

Junior Safeguarding Contact Form

A new addition to our Welfare and Safeguarding policy is the requirement for an onsite point of contact for all Junior competitors from each club. This is only to be used in the event any safeguarding issues arise with a clubs’ junior competitor(s).

Please download and complete this safeguarding contact form and hand it in at registration on the day.

Regatta Camping

We have two campsites arranged for those who are planning to stay overnight; Senior Camping and Family/Junior Camping.

Friday night the bar is open, Saturday night we have disco for all those coming to stop over.

Family & Junior Camping

For those looking for quieter Family & Junior orientated camping Hopley's campsite is just 5 minutes drive from the club. Those wishing to camp at Hopley’s should make arrangements directly with them, and all their details are on their website.

Please note this is a family campsite so anyone who is planning to stay here must be mindful of other campers, and there is to be no late night socialising at this site.

Senior / Lively Camping

We have our main campsite which is located a few 100 yards up-river from the club and is free. This will be patrolled by security all Saturday evening through to 6am Sunday morning so it will be a safe environment.

Although it is a patrolled campsite, campers should make their own security arrangements for their belongings and they should expect higher noise levels during the evening as this site is for those wishing to socialise later into the evening.

Camping Car Parking

For everyone camping at Hopley’s we have organised a “Park and Walk” car parking facility at Bewdley High School which just a few minutes walk from the Club. When coming to the club on the morning you can drop everyone off at the top of the club’s lane and then park at the school (scroll down for directions to Bewdley High School).

Regatta Parking

Other than the public car parks in Bewdley we have limited car parking for those staying at the Senior Campsite and we have also arranged with the local school to use their grounds as a “Park and Walk”. There is plenty of room here, the parking charges are far less than the public car parks and it is only 5 minutes from the club.

Click for directions to Bewdley High School

Stourport Road, Wribbenhall, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 1BL 01299 403277

The Mug House Sprint Eights

Sponsored by The Mug House

The winners of the 2018 men’s event were Warwick Boat Club
The winners of the 2018 women’s event were Worcester Rowing Club

Saturday 27th July

Racing doesn’t get more exciting than 2 eights side-by-side battling it out for bragging rights!

We run two separate events for men and women.

And now, thanks to The Mug House there is prize money of £250 for the club of each winning crew! That’s for just 40 seconds of rowing – now that’s something worth racing for!

Entries for this exciting new event are now open. Please see the Mug House Sprint Eights event page for more details.