Captain’s Report 2016
October 3, 2016
New season, same old winning ways for Bewdley
May 8, 2017

Saturday night was the annual Dinner Dance and award ceremony for Bewdley Rowing Club this year held at Tree Tops Pavillion. The turnout wasn’t quite as many as we had hoped for but none the less it was an enjoyable evening, we were joined by Mayor of Bewdley Councillor John Beeson and his Deputy. The night went well with a raffle and a game of heads and tails followed by the speeches, awards giving out and some great moves on the dance floor, one member even thought The Queen was attending!

From the evening…

Thank you Mayor Beeson for attending tonight and thanks Rich for your kind words and good luck for the years ahead.

Before I move on to the awards I just wanted to say a few words to congratulate to everyone. Not just those who won high profile or local events, but those who competed at the next level or raced for the first time this season or even those that completed learn to row and carried on with a new sport. Not everyone’s goals are the same but most can be achieved.

Bewdley Rowing Club is a club for all types of members not just racing ones, all be it we encourage racing we do try to accommodate everyone.

I wish everyone the very best for next season and hope as a whole we grow on our success of this year and achieve goals both individually and for the club. With Rich at the helm and with the support of the membership I’m sure this is possible.

Moving on to the awards…

  • Neil Brett Memorial Trophy – for the non-rowing achievement
    • This person continually year on year puts in a huge amount of effort when it comes to the regatta, making sure their part runs smoothly. Without this person and their team the sponsor’s enclosure wouldn’t run like clockwork and wouldn’t get people coming back year after year saying how hospitable Bewdley Rowing Club is.

This award goes to Yvonne Ogilvie-Hardy.

  • Junior Development Squad Outstanding Achievement Trophy – for under 16’s
    • This individual always gives 100% in everything they do whether its training or racing. This person won races last season as part of a crew and on their own and also made the step up to race at senior level to win their novices in their single.

This award goes to Ben Charlton.

  • Bewdley Carnival Youth Achievement Trophy – for the outstanding junior
    • This award goes to a crew rather than an individual, this crew of boys have continually won in their 4 this season in whatever combination they have sat in, whether it be racing at junior level or senior level.

This award goes to the Joe Smith, James Myatt, Brendan Wrighton, Ed Frost and cox Sophie Osborne

  • The Mayor of Bewdley Pot – for the most improved rower 
    • This award again goes to a crew rather than an individual, this crew have improved a lot this year by putting in a huge amount of time on the water. They have continued to represent the club at every event and are a true inspiration to never giving up. It’s taken a few disqualifications along the way but they persevered and won their sculling novices at Stourport regatta.

This award goes to the Masters E 4x- of Richard Gunn, Tony Clay, Peter Simpson and Doug Jackson

  • Bill Ince Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding rower
    • This award also goes to a crew rather than an individual; this crew had good results throughout the season and continued their winning ways of the previous one, by being unbeaten again locally but more impressively going to the World Masters Championships for the first time and winning. Something that hasn’t been achieved by a Bewdley crew for many years.

This award goes to the Womens  Masters C 4+ of Kim Martyn Smith, Jean Main, Jane Chiswell, Helen Hugo coxed by Kat Carlyle

  • Ken Sollom Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding coach
    • This award was tough to choose as there are a couple of individuals at the club who both give up a lot of their time for the benefit of other people, both individuals considered for this award have had some great results in the last 12 months some at local level and some at world level and although you cannot compare these two levels both these coaches are a huge asset to the club and for this reason I cannot split who I give the award to, so this year the award goes to two people Mick Edmonds and Jo Atkinson.
  • Stephen Kent Memorial Trophy – for the outstanding cox
    • This award for the most number of wins goes to an individual who has consistently given up their time for their crew and also steered their crew to World Championship Gold.

This award goes to Kat Carlyle

To finish off, I just want to say thank you to you all for your support over the last 2 years and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather pass the Captains armband on to, Rich you will have my full support as I’m sure you will have from the whole membership too.

Have a good rest of the evening.

Captain Kat 2014-2016